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Airbrush Vs HD Makeup : Which one is better for you ?

We at Makeover by Shivani Garg (MSG) understand that every girl who is going to be a Bride soon has always got lot of work/task to do before her Special D Day like choosing her dress, jewelry, Makeup Artist, photographer and lot of other things. Every girl pre-plan this Special Day for a long time and wants to look best on that Day. Choosing a right Makeup Artist is not the end of Makeup related task. The other big question before every going to be Bride is that whether she should choose HD Makeup or Airbrush Makeup for her Special Day because there are lot of confusions and misconceptions relating to both the makeup techniques. It is worthwhile to mention here that Airbrush and HD Makeup techniques are the most popular makeup techniques now a days but it does not mean that any one of them can be regarded as Best among the others. The decision to choose the right makeup type depends on the skin type of the Bride, Experience, skills and products used by the Makeup Artist.  So, let’s understand and know about both makeup techniques to clear your doubts so that you can take the right decision :

Airbrush Makeup – Brief Description:

Airbrush Makeup is a technique through which the makeup is applied through an Airbrush Machine also called Airgun. Liquid makeup is filled in the Airbrush Machine i.e. Airgun and the makeup is sprayed over the face. When the trigger is pressed of the Airgun, a mist of foundation comes out on the face and covers the skin evenly and gives a smooth finish.

A training and experience is required to use the Airgun for applying the makeup as it requires lot of patience and control over the machine so that the makeup may be applied evenly on the face. Any mistake or loose of control over the machine can result in heavy or artificial looking makeup. If you have seen any car being painted through a paint gun, this is similar to that. Sounds funny but this is true. Like a car is given a finest touch and shine through paint gun similarly the makeup can be applied more evenly and with best finish through the Airbrush technique.

Airbrush Makeup – Who should choose this Makeup ?

Silicon based makeup products are used in this technique due to which the makeup stays for the longer time on the face i.e. for 16-20 hours without any flake or patches. This is most suitable for the brides having oily skin and who want a flawless finish on the face. It is a costly makeup and generally cost more than any other makeup at the Makeup Studios .

HD Makeup- Brief Description:

HD i.e. High Definition Makeup technique is the one which is used by most of the Makeup Artist. Both domestic and international HD Makeup products are available in market which give a flawless and smooth skin experience.  In today’s time when HD and DSLR cameras are being used for Weeding photoshoots which capture the tiniest detail like wrinkles, blemishes and creases, HD Bridal Makeup is your savior. HD Makeup is applied in traditional way using blenders and brushed on the skin. It replaces the cakey look and gives a smooth and flawless look to the Bride. Some of the HD Products available in the market are : NARS, HUDA Beauty, Makeup Forever, Shopaarel, Estee Lauder.


HD Makeup – Who should choose this Makeup ?

This makeup is suitable for all types of skins as it gives a more natural look than a cakey or layered look. Girls who want soft and non-dramatic look, HD Makeup is best for them.


Both HD and Airbrush Makeup are good at their place but if we have to choose one, Airbrush Makeup is slightly better than HD Makeup in terms of stay and finishing. It is also to be noted that Airbrush Makeup, because of the silicon base, is best for Oily skin but it does not mean that it is not good for dry skin. In fact, choosing between HD or Airbrush has nothing to do with the weather or skin type. If possible,  Airbrush Makeup should be given preference over HD Makeup. Since the difference in finishing and stay is not major that too is noticeable only in real and not in pics or video, HD makeup can also be chosen if client’s budget is limited.